Businesses that invest in rewarding their loyal customers are 88% more profitable than the competition

” Source Deloitte ”

Targeted and measurable advertising

What you were missing till today. From now on you can enjoy your business being promoted in one of the biggest shopping communities with conscious consumers and measurable results, that will help you have a more effective marketing strategy.

Full Branded loyalty card with your own logo printed

A dream service in your hands. You have the opportunity to offer the same and even better privileges to your loyal customers, as famous business groups are doing already. Imagine that this card will be the mobile advertisement of your store inside and outside your country.

Customer growth and average purchases per customer

By joining our club you protect and enhance your business. Our way gives you the chance to develop a brand new customer base and increase the average purchases due to the incentives we give to each of RUL consumer.

Developing a new source of income from your customers' purchases to the other businesses of club

It’s really incredible! By joining to RUL shopping community you are building a totaly new business within your business. You will have the opportunity to earn up to 20% of the total turnover of discounts whenever your customers using YOUR branded loyalty card to the rest businesses of the club.

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