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Dealprice is not just another promotion site. Dealprice is the site of your offers. Anyone can register offers and earn money from sales, because together we can do more!
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Cashback: 5.6%

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Dealsshop is a Greece based e – shop that was founded in 2013. In very little time it established a steady incline and was embraced by the public. Our site was designed and constructed in an absolutely user friendly environment, making it as easy as the click of a button to perform a purchase online.

Our products include: Smartphone cases, house essentials, decorations and many different products for the whole family. We provide solutions in a wide variety of different gifts and smart gadgets that one can choose from. Dealsshop remains loyal to its commercial value and credibility, making sure that the best customer service possible is delivered, focusing in diversity, quality and innovation while maintaining affordable and competitive prices. We provide our customers with special deals all year long, for all of our products.


  • 5.6%


  • To make a purchase in this online store you need to have become a Premium Consumer of the Rul Shopping Community. 

*If you have already done so, fill out the the form by clicking HERE 

  • Log in to your online office on the Rul World Partner log in page
  • Visit the online shop tab and locate the business. Immediately after, click on the unique link you will find and make the purchase you want.
  • Share the experience with other consumers by rating the business.


  1. Make sure you have Cookies enabled in your computers Browser. Cookies will allow our system to recognize your purchase and the exact amount of refund you will receive, otherwise we are not responsible for non-payment amount. 

  • The money from the return that will result, will be deposited in your online office within 30 – 45 days. 
  • The benefits listed on our site may not be combined with other promotions offered outside of the Rul Community. 
  • For changes to be made to the order, they may affect the return amount up or down depending on whether a product is added or removed from the order. 
  • In case of claim of non – registration of purchase, wrong registration amount, incorrect cancelation, etc., your communication to us, should be done strictly within a month. For any problem contact the SUPPORT directly. 
  • CAUTION! For QUESTIONS about the online process, for complaints, for any errors in your order, for any financial issue between you and the respective company, you should contact EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY the Rul Community by clicking here SUPPORT! In case of non – compliance with the above condition, your card will be terminated. 
  • NOTE! Refunds are made by the Rul Shopping Community with the consent of the store in your online office. It is not done directly from the store. 

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