1. RUL WORLD SRL (hereinafter referred to as “RUL WORLD”) with headquarters in Iasi, Romania and VAT number 40320730 and registration number J / 22/3491/2018 operates a shopping community, which entitles participants (hereinafter referred to as “members”) the ability to receive discounts on the purchase of products and services from Rul World contracted companies (hereinafter referred to as “contracted companies”) (hereinafter referred to as “Rul Shopping Community”) ).

1. Object of the Contract

1.2 The member is entitled in accordance to the General Terms of Transactions, to receive Direct Discounts on all the contracted companies and to participate in the Online Rul Cashback.

2. Conventional Basis

2.1 Upon acceptance of the registration application by Rul World the applicant becomes a member of the Rul Shopping Community and receives a personal, non-transferable identification number (hereinafter referred to as “ID-Member”).  He grants the right to participate in the Direct Discounts and the Online Rul Cashback (and does not establish participation in an association, see article 16.2).

2.2 For the conclusion of the contract between Rul World and the member, the registration booklet provided by Rul World, the online registration or the possibility of on-site registration in one of the contracted companies.

2.3 The Member declares that his / her information provided to Rul World is correct and in case of providing false information / untrue statements the member will release Rul World from any claim, lawsuit and claim for compensation brought / raised by third parties against  Rul World assuming any relevant liability and obligation arising from (litigation) dispute or from any other claim by third parties against Rul World as well as any liability and obligation to cover any amount (indicative of compensation) owed to pay by Rul World to third parties. The member is obliged to immediately inform Rul World about any changes in his personal data declared during registration (in particular residence address, email address, bank details, telephone number, etc.).

2.4 For each natural or legal person only one registration is allowed at a time (ie ID-Member).  The registration will indicate the home or work address (base) of the member.  Multiple registrations in the Rul Shopping Community, which aims to obtain multiple discount cards, gives Rul World the right to terminate the contractual relationship for a good reason as well as the right to deprive / reject all the privileges thus acquired. In case of multiple registrations, the ID numbers that were registered last time are deleted.  Privileges that result only through multiple registration are ex tunc void.

3. Legal relationship

3.1 No employment or service relationship or partnership of any kind is established between Rul World and the member (in particular no membership, as a member, in a club/association). Participation in the Rul Shopping Community is carried out exclusively in the context of an autonomous, own responsibility and by Rul World legally independent activity.

3.2 The member is only entitled to the privileges of the Rul Shopping Community (which are analyzed in paragraph 3.2.1).  In case the member further reffers the Rul Shopping Community then he is entitled to a fee for his activity (see par. 3.2.1). The member is not entitled to reimbursement for expenses.

3.2.1. Membership as a “Simple Consumer” or as a “Premium Consumer”:

“Simple Consumer”:

  • Free admission fee,
  • Access to all contracted companies with Rul shopping software,
  • Possibility of establishing new members in the company (only consumers, not partners),
  • Reward bonus of 2% from the turnover of discounts that new members will make.

“Premium Consumer”:

  • Admission cost 125 € one time,
  • Extra preferential discounts (Cashback) in thousands of online businesses and e-shops (such as AEGEANair,, DOMINOS PIZZA, MEDIA MARKT, etc….
  • Access to all contracted companies with Rul shopping software,
  • Possibility of establishing new members in the company (only consumers and premium consumers and not partners),
  • Possibility of recommending Premium consumers with a profit of 25 € / Premium consumer,
  • Reward bonus of 3% from the volume of discounts that all new members will make

3.3 The member has no right to represent Rul World, in particular as regards the submission or receipt of statements to other members within the Rul Shopping Community. The member has no right to receive cash and make withdrawals on behalf of Rul World.  A culpable infringement of this Article 3.3 gives Rul World the right to terminate the contractual relationship for good cause.

3.4 The member is not entitled, without the prior written consent of Rul World:

a. Use logos, typographic characters, claims, domains, other features related of Rul World or its contracted companies.

b. Create business cards, presentations, videos, audio files, screenshots, web content, multimedia / media content, flyers, newsletters, websites, promotional documents, postage leaflets, mailings, homepages or anything else related to and with reference to Rul World or the Rul Shopping Community, to spread and share them in written or electronic form or in any other way or make them publicly available (eg on web pages such as YouTube or Facebook).

c. To hold events such as e.g. informative events, workshops, seminars, etc. in relation to and with reference to Rul World or the Rul Shopping Community without the written approval of Rul World.

d. To attract retailers, wholesalers or other merchants as well as other companies that provide products or services to final consumers, including service stations, franchisees and department stores as contracted companies or members, to conduct negotiations and / or initial discussions to attract or carry out advertising / promotional activities in any way to attract such companies or in its immediate vicinity.

4. Rul Shopping Community

4.1 The member obtains the Rul Discount Card and in accordance with these General Terms of Transactions, receives Direct Discounts and Online Rul Cashback from all purchases he/she makes in contracted businesses. Immediate Discounts, Online Rul Cashback and their conditions are described in more detail in Article 6

4.2 In order to be able to provide Direct Discounts and Online Rul Cashback to its members for their purchases, Rul World enters into agreements with contracted companies. Active contracted companies (physical and Online), discount rates, offers, services and Online Rul Cashback rates are displayed on the website

4.3 The member has the following possibilities to record his purchases:

4.3.1 The Rul Discount Card is available as a printed card, laminated card or online virtual card. It is not a means of payment, but only serves to record market data through Rul shopping software.

4.3.2 In Online Rul Shopping the member can:

(a) log in to the website with his/hers passwords and select the online shop of the desired contracted company;

(b) search the online shop through another online channel / channel provided by the website, to record purchases and make immediate purchases in the online shop of the contracted company. The purchase can only be recorded if the member system accepts cookies during the purchase process and does not use adblocker or scriptblocker. Αναλυτικότερες ρυθμίσεις σχετικά με το Online Rul Shopping παρατίθενται στο άρθρο 5.

4.4 In the cases of Articles 4.3.1 and 4.3.2, the contracted company shall transmit the recorded purchase and / or clearing data to Rul World for the calculation of the resulting market privileges.

5. Online Shopping from Rul Shopping Community

5.1 Τα μέλη ενημερώνονται για το Rul Online Shopping (Cashback) στην ιστοσελίδα

5.2 Members have the right to withdraw from a distance contract or from a contract concluded outside a commercial store within fourteen (14) without stating the reasons (deadline for withdrawal according to the provisions of the law on distance contracts).

5.3 The credit of Online Rul Cashback from purchases made through Online Rul Shopping presupposes, in particular and in accordance with Article 6.4., the withdrawal period has expired in accordance with the provisions of the law on distance contracts and the member has not made a declaration of withdrawal.

5.4 The member is entitled to Online Rul Cashback only for purchases in the online shops of the contracted companies, which according to the page are registered in the list of the state where the member’s home address or registered office is located but also in any other online shop serving the country where you live.

5.5 Rul World has no influence in the configuration of the (affiliated) online shops of the contracted companies and therefore does not bear any responsibility. In the event that illegal content or content that in any other way is contrary to good morals is found on the linked websites, Rul World expressly distances itself from them.

5.6 Before making the purchase, the member will need to make sure that the Cookies are enabled in the Browser of his computer. Cookies will allow our system to recognize your purchase as well as the exact amount of refund you will receive, otherwise we are not responsible for non-payment of the Online Rul Cashback amount.

5.7 The money from the return that will result, will be deposited in the online office of the member within 30-45 days.

5.8 The benefits listed on may not be combined with any other promotions offered outside the Rul Shopping Community.

5.9 For changes to be made to the order, they may affect the return amount up or down depending on whether a product is added or removed from the order.

5.10 In case of claim of non-registration of purchase, wrong registration amount, incorrect cancellation, etc., the communication on the part of the member to the Company, must be done strictly within a period of one month. For any problem the member can contact the SUPPORT directly (

5.11 ATTENTION! For QUESTIONS regarding the Online procedure, for complaints, for any errors in the order, for any financial issue between the member and the respective contracted company, the member should contact EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY with SUPPORT ( of the Rul Shopping Community! In case of non-compliance with the above condition, the operation of the member card can be terminated.

5.10 NOTE! The refund is made by the Rul Shopping Community with the consent of the contracted company and is displayed in the member’s online office. It is not done directly by the contracted company.

6. Direct Discounts from the Rul Shopping Community

6.1 The member’s purchases, which are registered in the Rul Shopping Community, bring the member Direct Discounts when paying at the cash desk of the contracted company. The discount rates are based on the contractually agreed terms between Rul World and the respective contracted company and vary depending on the contracted company, industry and state.

6.1.1 Immediate Discounts: For purchases made in any contracted business of the Rul Shopping Community, the member receives 50% of the agreed discount Immediately upon payment at the checkout.

6.1.2 Rul Points: For purchases made in any contracted companies of the Rul Shopping Community, the member receives 50% of the agreed discount in the form of Rul Points. Rul Points help the member to enjoy additional Rul World privileges as well as to participate in raffles with prizes. Further details are described in Article 7.

6.2 Rul World reserves the right to derogate, as part of special promotions, from regulated authorities. Rul World is interested in providing its members with the widest possible choice of buying opportunities in contracted companies and at the same time ensuring substantial discounts with contracted companies, so that it can keep its members satisfied. If agreed, with a contracted company, derogating terms through specific promotions (such as in the case of informal purchases, such as fixed-term mobile contracts or travel or power supply), Rul World will indicate this separately in the detailed description of merchants (see section 6.3 below).

6.3 The respective discounts are available in the detailed description of merchants of the website The member is recommended to be regularly informed about the status of the respective contracted companies on the Rul Shopping Community website.

6.4 The registration of an immediate discount presupposes among other things that the purchase will be paid by the member and will not be pending balance in the form of installments, etc. If these conditions are met, the contracted company will confirm the purchase to Rul World and the member and will provide a discount immediately.

6.6 If the member makes purchases in contracted companies abroad, the Direct Discounts are initially made in the local currency of the country which purchase has been made.

6.7 The operator may reject the purchase if the member does not have the physical or electronic version of his card with him, but also if he does not know the membership card code.

6.8 The discount is valid for the products agreed by Rul World and each contracted company.

6.9 The person in charge of the respective contracted company will follow, before the member, the discount process in the Rul World software.

In the case of online shopping, Online Rul Cashback also takes place in the local currency of each country. However, when confirming the purchase through the contracted online company, the Online Rul Cashback amount of each member is automatically converted into the national currency of the member according to the at the time exchange rate of the European Central Bank or any other competent banking institution for the day of collection from the contracted online companies. Article 5.4 is not affected, ie the claim for Immediate Discounts and / or Online Rul Cashback.

7. Rul Points

7.1 Members are credited with a certain number of Rul Points after purchases from contracted companies which corresponds to 50% of the original agreement of Rul World with the contracted company.

7.2 The number of Rul Points that are credited, depends on the purchased amount as well as on the discount rate that has been agreed with the contracted company. Rul World presents in the detailed description of companies on the website as a basis for calculating the number of Rul Points which are provided by the contracted company for a purchase volume of 100 euros.

7.3 Rul Points may not be paid / reimbursed in cash or transferred for a fee to third parties.

7.4 The accumulated Rul Points are credited to the member IMMEDIATELY and appear in the membership section of the website (after logging in).

7.6 Rul Points are the means of measuring members’ pay based on Rul World’s shopping reward plan.

8. Member’s Personal Responsibility.

8.1 Each member’s personal electronic office access details (username, password and PIN) will be securely stored by the member and will be kept strictly confidential. Under no circumstances may the username and password be made accessible to third parties. Personal settings can be changed by the member at any time at (login area).

8.2 The member is obliged to immediately notify any abusive use of his online access to Rul World. After the immediate blocking of his access, modified access details will be notified to the member either via sms or email. Rul World shall be liable for damages caused to the member by the abusive use only to the extent provided in Article 12.

9. Protection of Personal Data

9.1 To the extent required for the execution of the Rul Shopping Community, ie for the member to access the website, Rul World collects, stores and processes personal data as a processor, under the provisions on the protection of personal data, such as data on the purchasing behavior and the purchases made by the members. Once the member has given their consent, Rul World uses this data to send them personalized information about offers and products of Rul World and all its contracted companies.

9.2 All questions of the member regarding the information, change and deletion of personal data can be addressed directly to Rul World (RUL WORLD SRL, Iasi, Romania Email:

9.3 Further data protection provisions when using the Rul Shopping Community website are provided in the Privacy Statement at and

9.4 Rul World applies internationally recognized security technologies to protect its members’ data from unauthorized and illegal access. Rul World shall be liable for the security of the data transmitted via the Internet only to the extent provided for in Article 12.

10. Abnormal flow of supply

10.1 The scope of Rul World supply is limited in the execution of the Rul Shopping Community as described in these General Terms of Transactions.

10.2 The rights and obligations in relation to the purchases made by the member from the contracted companies concern exclusively the contracted companies. Therefore, Rul World, after concluding the contract with the contracted company, assumes no warranty liability (liability for defects) or liability of any kind for the obligations of the contracted companies, especially in case of possible non-fulfillment by the contracted company.

11. Responsibility of Rul World

11.1 Rul World is solely responsible for damages resulting from damage to life, physical integrity or health which were caused by a fraudulent or negligent breach of duty by Rul World. Rul World is also unlimited liability for further damages which were caused by fraudulent or gross negligence on behalf of Rul World.

11.2 For damages caused by the negligent breach of such obligations, which are essential for the proper performance of the contract and in the fulfillment of which the member relies / trusts and can rely / trust (core liabilities), Rul World’s liability is limited to standard / characteristic and foreseeable damage.

11.3 Any other claims for damages are excluded without prejudice to the following Article 11.5. This is especially true when Rul World bears no responsibility, e.g. in case:

(a) termination of member access to the internet;

(b) other technical and electronic errors (1) when communicating data over the internet and (2) when using the Rul World web portal, the Rul World sms service and the Rul World applications for mobile terminals, if these errors do not fall within the sphere of Rul World responsibility,

(c) technical and electronic errors for which Rul World is not responsible and which prevent purchases made in the Rul Shopping Community through the Rul purchasing software (in particular possible tracking failures and consequent data losses);

(d) the insufficient functionality of the member’s mobile terminals.

The contract of sale of goods or the contract of supply of services is concluded exclusively between the member and the contracted companies.

11.4 If liability for Rul World is limited or excluded, the limitations or exclusions also apply to the personal liability of Rul World associates, legal representatives and performance assistants.

11.5 The limitations of liability as well as the exclusions of liability under this Article 11 shall not affect the liability of Rul World according to the mandatory legal provisions of the law on liability for defective products due to the fraudulent concealment of a defect or the taking of the guarantee for the quality of a good / object.

12. Expenses

12.1 Registration and participation in the Rul Shopping Community for the member as a “Simple consumer” is free (see the privileges in paragraph 3.2.1.).

12.2 The registration and participation in the Rul Shopping Community for the member as a “Premium consumer” costs 125€ (see the privileges in paragraph 3.2.1).

13. Termination of the contractual relationship by the member

13.1 The Member is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship with Rul World at any time by written declaration and sending by e-mail or physical mail. Furthermore, the member is not obliged to make purchases or engage in other activities under the current contractual relationship.

13.2 Upon termination of the contractual relationship, the member is entitled only to those privileges covered by his membership type (see paragraph 3.2.1.), for which the cause was born / established already at the time of termination of the contract, for example if the purchase entitling to Online Rul Cashback had already taken place at the time of termination of the contract. However, in the event that the member terminates the contractual relationship for a important reason, he can still redeem the acquired Online Rul Cashbacks within two months after the expiration of the contract.

14. Termination of the contractual relationship by Rul World

14.1 The contractual relationship can be terminated by Rul World regularly, for an important reason with immediate effect and energy. Important reasons are considered the substantial damage to the financial interests or the reputation of Rul World or the contracted companies, in particular the breach of essential contractual obligations. The essential contractual obligations include the obligations of the member according to articles 2.3, 2.4, 3.3 and 3.4.

14.2 In case of culpable violation of these cases the member will release Rul World from any claim, action and claim for damages brought by third parties against Rul World, assuming any relevant responsibility and obligation arising from (judicial) dispute or from any other claim by third parties at the expense of Rul World as well as any liability and obligation to cover any amount (indicative of compensation) is obliged to pay Rul World to third parties.Αυτό ισχύει και για τα έξοδα απόκρουσης τέτοιων αξιώσεων τρίτων. In addition, Rul World has the right to claim against the member that damage, which is caused to Rul World due to breaches of the member’s obligations, including the costs of litigation rights.

14.3 If so Rul World terminates the contractual relationship extraordinarily (without notice) for a important reason which was not caused by the fault of the member, the member may still redeem what has been acquired so far within the time period of the two months after the expiration of the contract. Otherwise, the acquired ones already cease to be valid / expire / expire / are canceled upon the expiration of the contract.

15. General provisions

15.1 The member is entitled only with prior written consent to assign or use as security the claims he has against Rul World (or the rights arising in general from participation in the Rul Shopping Community).

15.2 Participation in the Rul Shopping Community is a simple relationship exchange and therefore does not establish any company law relationship between the member and Rul World, and in particular there is no participation (as a member) in a club / association.

15.3 Individual agreements concluded on an individual basis with Rul World take precedence in each case of these General Terms of Transactions. As for the content of these agreements, a written contract and / or a written confirmation from Rul World is crucial. It is presumed that the parties did not conclude oral agreements. Rul World is also entitled to send the member contractual statements and, for the execution of the contract, the required information either via sms or by email, provided that the member has stated the relevant contact details and does not object.

15.4 If gender-related designations or terms are used in the content of the contract, we mean both female and male persons as well as legal persons.

15.5 In the event that provisions of the contractual basis become fully or partially invalid / invalid or non-enforceable, the validity of the other provisions shall not be affected.

15.6 The law applicable to the contractual relationship is Romanian Law. Application of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Mobile Property is excluded.

5.7 Registration and participation in the Rul Shopping Program is allowed after reaching the age of 16. The written consent of the legal representative is required until adulthood.

15.8 The member undertakes to pay himself all the contributions, fees, taxes, etc. that will arise to him from receiving the Rul Bonus.